Packaging and boxes made of corrugated cardboard, punched and cardboard boxes


Velpak21 is a reputable company with main business the production of packages from cardboard and corrugated carboard. Check out our substantial portfolio of high quality multifunctional boxes.

The business in Bulgaria trusts our solutions because of the guaranteed quality and excellent characteristics. We offer napkins and paper bags with your logo and personal design, plastic bags and PVC boxes of all shapes and sizes.

Production of branded pizza boxes

A diversity of packages from micro corrugated cardboard – sturdy material, various sizes, favorable prices

Production of packages from carton and corrugated cardboard

Sturdy, catchy and practical – such are the boxes produced by Velpak 21

PVC boxes

We offer several kinds of PVC cups, plates, cutlery and aluminum plates from one-time use


We produce 4 kinds of napkins in different sizes and colors

Toilet paper and paper towels

We offer toilet paper and paper towels – white or gray color, the toilet paper is also in various weight

Polyethylene and paper bags

Polyethylene bags with or without zipper, sacks and paper bags in various sizes and colors

Cleaning and household products

You can find cleaning and household products for all kinds of surfaces, as well as gentle soap

Your ecofriendly package produced by Velpak 21

Despite recycling, as much as 93% of the paper we use is still produced from wood

The use of every ton paper waste leads to economy of 800 kg cellulose, 810 kWh energy, 200 m3 water.

1000 kg paper scrap replace ca. 3.5 m2 wood

Only 35% of the territory of Bulgaria is covered with forests. This percentage used to be 80-90% in the past.

If every household uses 20 kg paper annually, this would prevent 1200 acres of 90 years old trees being chopped down

With this ecofriendly package you help keep Bulgaria clean

Velpak 21 25 years experience in production of packages and boxes from corrugated cardboard

For over 25 years VELPAK21 creates reliable boxes from corrugated cardboard, punched and carton boxes to suit every type of business. Our production plant in Krivina, Sofia is equipped with first class machinery for the production and processing of cartons

We have made substantial investments over the years so that we can offer you outstanding products. This is the reason we have satisfied customers not only in our country but throughout Europe.

We use only certified raw materials of the highest quality and our products meet all European requirements. Our excellent reputation among customers, partners and suppliers is a result of hard work and professionalism.

Our priorities are in:

Production of cartons and packages of corrugated cardboard

Paper, carton and punched packages

PVC boxes


Polyethylene bags

Cleaning and household products

25 years production of carton packages and corrugated cardboard boxes

Certified raw materials of the highest quality

Modern machinery and equipment

Branding as per your personal requirements and needs

Get -20% discount when your order PVC boxes, carton and
PVC packages